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The original Mad Max Super bike is the same V-Max featured in the August 1988 issue of Cycle World Magazine. In 1986 the original Mad Max Chain-drive conversion was first developed on this motorcycle. In the past 10 years, this V-Max has been a rolling product development test bed for Mad Max Enterprises.

The original Mad Max motorcycle has experienced many mile passes in search of optimizing the full potential of the V-Max motorcycle at the same time maintaining all the accessories for complete street legal riding. The original Mad Max bike has experienced everything from a normally aspirated, chain-drive 9 second quarter mile runner, to a super-charged, fuel injected, nitrous oxide assisted pro-street monster. Mad Max Enterprises’ relentless pursuit of V-Max performance, has led to the development of the new Mad Max turbo system.

In the current configuration, Bob Carlson ran an incredible 8.48 quarter mile at 164.44 m.p.h. at Rockingham Dragway on August 13, 1995. This accomplishment was achieved with a Mad Max Enterprises built engine utilizing a stock bore and stroke, that is regularly street ridden.

Mad Max Enterprises’ dedication to product development ensures you, the customer, the best performance value for you V-Max. As proven by the hundreds of Mad Max chain-drive conversions that have been distributed literally world-wide.

Our attention to detail and aesthetics provide products that look as well as they function. Along with our performance products we also provide design and styling services, to help you visualize the appearance of your completed V-Max, from paint schemes and graphics, to complete Mad Max reconfigurations.

I am proud to show you my products, pictured in our WEB site. I take great pride and personal satisfaction in every motorcycle I work on.

My family and I have made many friends throughout the world, because of my work on the Yamaha V-Max, some of my friends are also my customers. I wish to thank all of my friends and customers for their continued interest and support of Mad Max Enterprises. I would also like to give special thanks to my friend Bob Carlson from Torrington, CT for his outstanding driving of Mad Max at the drag strip.

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