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 I would like to thank these special people for deeming our site special enough to receive their awards. I am honored they have chosen me as a recipient, and I proudly display the awards bestowed on me by all of you. I am inspired to make my site better all the time.

                                                      Owner: Paul Civitello




Net Probe Award. January 16,2002one.gif (19509 bytes)


NetProbe Gold Award:
We take pleasure in presenting you with the Netprobe Gold Award!

Your content is great and you have apparently done a lot of work to achieve it.
(January 16, 2004)



Police Guide Award for Excellents, January17,2002listedrwb.jpg (3652 bytes)

Your web site has been nominated and approved for the Police Guide Web Site Award.



Excellence Award. January 18.2002


Moto Art Award, January 21,2002

                              Terrific web site!!!!!!! I enjoyed my visit tremendously to an excellent designed web page.

                                                                                        Margaret from Moto Art


2003newyeargwa.jpg (8937 bytes)

On having your site selected to received the

"2003-2004 Golden Web Award"

Avon 300
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360 BigShot
Our 360 is unbelievable  
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