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The reason you are viewing the photo without the fender is to show that the wheel is directly in the center of the chassis.  Not fiction!  FACT:  A picture is worth a thousand words!

Check out the BIGSHOT in townThe Custom 360 Shaft Drive Bolt on Kit (no welding or chassis fabrication --a true bolt on kit!) is another first by MadMax Enterprise for the Yamaha Vmax.  Due to the excellent engineering of the Yamaha Vmax, the custom 360 kit is possible as a bolt on kit.  It is a gear driven swingarm, which means your wheel will remain in the center of your motorcycle.  There is NO offset driveshaft or yoke, unlike other Fattire setups; the wheel is DIRECTLY in the center of the chassis.  MadMax says there is no other motorcycle more worthy than the Yamaha Vmax to strut this Custom BigShot rear setup.  A simple burnout can cover an ENTIRE CITY BLOCK.

The Custom BigShot 360 is designed for the serious bike builder.

The Kit consists of:

  • Gear driven swingarm
  • Larger fuel tank (5.5 gallon)
  • Exhaust System
  • Wheel of your choice
    360 Tire
  • Custom Fender
  • Custom Grabrail
  • Custom Tail light assembly
  • Custom markerplate holder
  • Extended stainless steel brake line
  • Drive side brake setup
  • All necessary hardware
Avon 300
Blower Bike
360 BigShot
Our 360 is unbelievable  
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